VDI Security Solution

Advanced threat prevention ideal for VDI environments.


Protect your Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) from zero-days, evasive malware and sophisticated advanced attacks. Morphisec Endpoint Threat Prevention employs Moving Target Defense to help secure your VDI without sacrificing performance or raising costs and complexity.


Among its many benefits, the centralized structure of the VDI environment offers improved security against theft, data leakage and other physical risks to information. It also makes data recovery and patch management easier. However, this same setup actually widens the cyberattack perimeter – an attack on a user’s physical desktop can provide access to the central virtual desktop server. Your VDI needs protection, yet many security solutions can wreak havoc with VM density, raising VDI costs and complexity. LEARN MORE...


The optimal security solution for VDI needs to be very lightweight and one that does not require updates. Morphisec protects your virtual desktops in a deterministic manner, with no false positives, via a lightweight, 1MB agent requiring no updates and no administration. Using counter-deception techniques, Morphisec continuously changes the target surface so hackers cannot find an entry point for attack. Morphisec keeps your virtual endpoints safe from all exploit- based, memory code execution in endpoint applications such as browsers and productivity tools. It prevents evasive attacks, zero- days and attacks targeting known but unpatched vulnerabilities. It supports VDI environments such as Citrix VDI, VMware Horizon View and MS VDI, both persistent and non-persistent (pooled) running at the VDI level. It also supports Application Virtualization platforms such as Citrix XenApp. TALK TO OUR SECURITY EXPERTS TO LEARN MORE

Morphisec partners with Citrix

Morphisec's VDI Security Solution is verified as Citrix Ready and is compatible with XenApp and XenDesktop. For more information, visit the Citrix Marketplace.

What Our Customers Are Saying

Dan Hotels Logo

“The effectiveness of Morphisec’s endpoint protection is unequaled. This is the first security product I have ever seen that does its job as advertised and is literally an ‘Install & Forget’ solution.”

Yossi Gabay

VP of Information Technology at Dan Hotels

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“As a media company, Lagardère Active is lean in IT and security resources, yet it is prone to advanced attacks. In Morphisec we found the prevention layer that mitigates advanced attacks without any effect on our team, which is key for us.”

Pierre Olivier Sicamois

VP of IT Infrastructures and Services at Lagardère Active