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How does Morphisec protect your remote employees against the most damaging cyberattacks?


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The Morphisec Unified Threat Prevention Platform is designed to solve some of the biggest problems facing CISOs with a remote workforce. Morphisec's lightweight agent is true set-and-forget security, and secures your employees no matter where they work. 

The Morphisec platform: 

  • Provides advanced endpoint protection with in low-touch maintenance when network security is lacking.
  • Locks down cyberattacks automatically to secure remote endpoints without needing  security team intervention. 
  • Integrates with Windows 10 Defender AV for advanced protection and full visibility across all threats.
  • Protects employees without needing to update a signature database; perfect for unreliable home internet connections. 
  • Enables business continuity to allow employees to keep working in a secure environment if they can't go into the office.
  • Protects offline and does not rely on heavy signature updates, tuning or analysis. 
  • Secures virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) and integrated with Citrix XenApp and XenDesktop, VMware Horizon and Windows Virtual Desktop
  • Protects against unknown exploit vulnerabilities, known CVEs, and unpatched software.
  • Prevents browser-based attacks to ensure employees can securely access the SaaS solutions they need.

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Secure Your Remote Workers with Morphisec

Advanced Remote Endpoint Security

The Morphisec Unified Threat Prevention Platform secures remote endpoints, even on unreliable home internet networks and unsecured public WiFi.

Security for SaaS Applications

Morphisec protects users of SaaS applications from browser-based attacks.

Virtual Desktop Protection

Morphisec's lightweight agent secures persistent and non-persistent virtual desktops against cyberattack.

Set and Forget Security

Morphisec provides automatic security against attacks without needing centralized teams to do investigation or remediation. We immediately lock down an advanced attack, before it happens.

What Our Customers Are Saying

“We had an immediate need for security software due to the increase in remote computer usage.  We chose Morphisec to protect our computers from unknown cyberattacks, both in the office and at home, during the heightened COVID cyber risk climate.  This added safety measure allows our team to do the important work of caring for our residents.” 

Germán Ospina, CIO, National Health Care Associates

“Morphisec with Windows Defender Antivirus offers a truly set it and forget it solution. Morphisec’s lightweight design coupled with Windows Defender Antivirus provides strong endpoint security, the best value, and a simpler operational environment.”

Bill Salyers, IT Director, Towne Properties

"Morphisec simplifies and automates prevention. It prevents advanced attacks that would otherwise breach us, takes essentially no care and feeding and stays out of the way of my end users.”

Jeff Magnuson, Senior IT Architect, Yaskawa Motoman

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