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PROTECT AGAINST THE UNKNOWN with Moving Target Defense
Built to prevent the most dangerous cyberattacks

Enterprise Strategy Group tested Morphisec against a range of advanced threats in multi-stage targeted attack campaigns. See the full findings.

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See for yourself how Morphisec effortlessly prevents advanced memory and fileless attacks in our on demand demo webinar.

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Get the latest threat insights, trends and analyses from Morphisec Labs in the December 2018 Threat Report.

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Take the Guesswork out of Protection

Stop advanced threats cold without detecting, guessing or hunting for missed attacks. With Morphisec you get bulletproof prevention that is deceptively simple to operate, no need to compromise.




Replace legacy antivirus with free embedded Windows Defender AV and apply those cost savings to add Morphisec as a critical layer of protection against advanced memory attacks, exploits, fileless attacks, zero-days and evasive malware. Make your organization far safer and more operationally efficient at no added cost. 

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Morphisec: the two-minute drill

Watch a customer testimonial, a webinar, or one of our featured videos. We’ve made it easy for you to know more about us quickly and efficiently. 


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Why Morphisec?

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Motorola CISO Richard Rushing on Moving Target Defense vs AI

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Eliminating the Threats That Matter - Moving Target Defense

advanced threat prevention

Defend your business

Prevent unknown attacks that can't be predicted and inflict the most damage. Moving Target Defense applies across attack vectors and threat types — no need for indicators, no waiting for patches or updates.


Protect your Bottom line

For the enterprise

For the midmarket

How many security solutions do you really need?

Morphisec drives down risk exposure and significantly lowers technology costs. Rethink your security model and improve your ROI by adding Morphisec.


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What’s happening at morphisec

The Morphisec Labs Threat Report: The latest threat insights, trends and analyses from Morphisec Labs.


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Morphisec Version 3.5

Morphisec Version 3.5 makes it easier for companies to replace legacy AV with a far more secure alternative ...

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Morphisec reduces your organization’s risk exposure without affecting business productivity or creating work for your security team. Let our experts show you how it works.

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