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Moving Target Defense - A radical change in endpoint Security

Morphisec Endpoint Threat Prevention thwarts hackers with their own weapons. It exploits advanced threat tactics like deception, modification and polymorphism to put you in control of the battle terrain. By preventing attacks before a breach ever occurs, Morphisec cuts your security costs and minimizes disruption and damage to your business.

Don't take it anymore

Stop attackers from dictating your business agenda. Morphisec prevents advanced attacks and zero-days when and where they happen – at your endpoints and in real time. Prevent advanced attacks with zero false positives and no performance degradation.


Prevent ransomware in the initial exploit phase, before your data is held hostage.



Morphisec offers scholarships for female cybersecurity students to encourage and support young women exploring a career in this field.


What Our Customers Are Saying

Dan Hotels Logo

“The effectiveness of Morphisec’s endpoint protection is unequaled. This is the first security product I have ever seen that does its job as advertised and is literally an ‘Install & Forget’ solution.”

Yossi Gabay

VP of Information Technology at Dan Hotels

Lagardère Active Logo

“As a media company, Lagardère Active is lean in IT and security resources, yet it is prone to advanced attacks. In Morphisec we found the prevention layer that mitigates advanced attacks without any effect on our team, which is key for us.”

Pierre Olivier Sicamois

VP of IT Infrastructures and Services at Lagardère Active