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For the CISO

Powerful security

Morphisec keeps your organization secure against the threats that bypass NGAV and evade EDR. It prevents zero-days, advanced memory-based threats, malicious documents and browser-based attacks instantaneously, no detection, no hunting. Morphisec shrinks MTTR of unknown attacks to zero without alerts to investigate, analyze or remediate. Security teams reduce operational costs while slashing organizational risk.

For the CIO

Operationally Simple

Morphisec reduces your IT complexity as it cuts security risk. It installs quickly, requires no management or monitoring and has zero performance impact. Moving Target Defense prevents exploitation of unpatched vulnerabilities so IT teams can patch to their schedule. It functions across virtual, physical or hybrid IT environments, no internet connection required.

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Defend your business

These are just some of the threats stopped by Morphisec



  • Bad Rabbit
  • Cerber v6.0
  • Cerber CBRB
  • Cerber-ML Bypass
  • Cobra
  • CryptoMix
  • CryptoShield v2.0
  • Dharma
  • GandCrab
  • GlobeImposter
  • Gryphon
  • Kovter/Locky
  • Jaff
  • Locky/Assassin
  • Locky/Diablo 6
  • Locky /Lukitus
  • Locky - Osiris
  • Magniber
  • Matrix
  • Mole
  • Mordor
  • Nemucod
  • Petya & Mischa
  • Philadelphia
  • Revenge
  • Sage 2.2
  • Santa
  • Scarab
  • SAVEFiles
  • Sega2.0
  • Shade
  • Sigma
  • Spora

Info/Key Stealers


  • Agent Tesla
  • AZORult
  • BetaBot
  • DiamondFox/Gorynch
  • Formbook
  • InfoStealer
  • ISR Stealer
  • Neurevt
  • Potao Express
  • Redaman
  • Rombertik



  • Andromeda
  • Dofoil with Coinminer
  • Godzilla Loader
  • Pony
  • Quant Loader
  • Smoke Loader
  • Snatch Loader
  • Uptare
  • ZeroAccess

Supply Chain Attacks


  • CCleaner
  • NotPetya

Fileless Exploits


  • Adobe Flash CVE-2018-4878
  • Adobe Acrobat CVE-2018-4990
  • Adobe Flash CVE-2018-5002
  • Adobe Flash CVE-2018-15982
  • Cobalt Group attacks
  • DNSMessenger/FIN7
  • Fallout Exploit Kit
  • FIN7 attacks
  • Flash Exploit Kit/CVE-2016-4117
  • Flash Exploit Kit/CVE-2017-11292
  • JavaScript Exploit Kit/CVE-2015-2419
  • Lsass Injection/Eternal Blue
  • Macro Shellcode/Hancitor
  • Meterpreter OilRig Campaign
  • Poweliks
  • PSMeterpreter/Muddy Water
  • PS Reflective Injection /Kovter
  • Silverlight Exploit Kit/CVE-2016-0034
  • Word Exploit Kit/CVE-2017-11826
  • Word Exploit Kit/CVE-2017-11882
  • Word/EPS Exploit Kit/CVE-2017-0261
  • Word/EPS Exploit Kit/CVE-2017-0262
  • VBS Reflective Injection/Kovter
  • VBScript CVE-2018-8174

Coin Miners


  • BitCoinMiner
  • Coin Miner
  • WannaMine
  • XMRig Miner

Banking Trojans


  • Chthonic
  • Corebot
  • Cronos
  • Dreambot
  • Dridex
  • Emotet
  • Flokibot
  • Geodo/Emotet
  • Icedid
  • Kronos
  • Neurevt
  • Nymain
  • Qakbot
  • Qbot/Qakbot
  • Ramnit
  • Terdot.A/ZLoader
  • Trickbot
  • Ursnif/ISFB
  • Zbot
  • ZeusPanda
  • ZeusVM

Remote Access Trojans (RATs)


  • FlawedAmmyy
  • Imminent
  • Kasidet
  • LatentBot
  • NSIS-Injector
  • PCRat
  • PlugX
  • Pushdo
  • Pzamd
  • Remcos
  • RokRAT

The Power of Moving Target Defense

Morphisec takes a wholly innovative approach that brings back effective prevention against unknown attacks. Other solutions use various detection methods that will first identify the threat, after the attack is doing damage. This not only creates a high noise signal of false positives, but adds risk to mitigate the damage through remediation. Morphisec first proactively stops, then identifies the attack, without false positives, and without performance overhead. Patented moving target defense technology morphs the memory space – the main target of advanced attacks. This dismantles the attack delivery mechanisms and killchain, preventing threats instantaneously and unconditionally.

How it works

  • Morph & Conceal
  • Protect & Deceive
  • Prevent & Expose Attacks
Endpoint Threat Prevention

As an application loads to the memory space, Morphisec morphs the process structures, making the memory constantly unpredictable to attackers.


Legitimate application code memory is dynamically updated to use the morphed resources; applications load and run as usual. A skeleton of the original structure is left as a trap.


Attacks target the original structure and fail as they cannot find the resources they expect and need. Attacks are immediately prevented, trapped and logged with full forensic details.


Morphisec reduces your organization’s risk exposure against advanced attacks, while making your IT and security teams more productive. Let our experts show you how it works.

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