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Modern ransomware attacks are smarter, sneakier, and more targeted; more than 75% of companies infected by ransomware had up-to-date endpoint ransomware protection.

Stop undetectable ransomware that bypass NGAV, EPP and EDR/XDR solutions

Today’s ransomware uses many stealthy and evasive techniques to remain undetected in your system until the time is ripe to cause the most damage—by which time extortion is underway and irreversible. Attackers never stop creating new, unknown variants with unrecognizable signatures that sneak past NGAV and EPP. And they use fileless and in-memory techniques that leave no indicators of compromise that EDR, XDR, and MDR can recognize.

Threat actors study a network and its vulnerabilities extensively before fully establishing their stronghold.

Morphisec's anti-ransomware stack is true ransomware prevention: it detects and stops ransomware at the earliest stages.

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Achieve Defense-in-Depth with Layered Ransomware Prevention

Data Encryption & Destruction Protection

Prevents ransomware encryption by deploying decoys throughout the Windows file system. Any attempt to tamper with, delete, or encrypt a decoy triggers Morphisec to kill the ransomware processes.

System Recovery Tamper Protection

Morphisec blocks unauthorized access to shadow copies and terminates any unauthorized process that tries to tamper with them, ensuring system recovery files remain available.

Credential Theft Protection

Automatically terminate unauthorized processes that attempt credential dumps from multiple system resources including Browsers, LSASS, RDP, DC-Sync, SAM hashes and more. 

Automated Moving Target Defense Protection

Use AMTD to morph runtime memory and other resources, creating an unpredictable attack surface that attackers cannot target, while leaving decoy traps in place of the original resource. Code that attempts to execute on a decoy is terminated, capturing analytics allowing for full forensic analysis of the attack.

See why Gartner calls AMTD "the future of security," and says: "Automated moving target defense is an emerging, game-changing technology for improving cyber defense."


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What Our Customers Are Saying

“We were looking for a real simple to manage, zero performance impact, anti Exploit and anti Ransomware solution for our XenApp Enabled Webmail, following some concerning Ransomware attacks.”

Head of Security, Taiwan/Hong Kong-based Bank

“Morphisec prevents unknown cyber attacks with zero time delay for discovery and detection.”

Richard Rushing, Chief Information Security Officer, Motorola

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