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Incident Response Services

The Morphisec Incident Response team works collaboratively with client organizations to triage critical security incidents and conduct forensic analysis to solve immediate cyberattacks as well as provide recommendations for reducing your organization's risk exposure. 

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Morphisec Incident Response Services

Incident Response From the Best

The Morphisec Incident Response team has extensive experience in security incident investigation. 

The Morphisec IR team will leverage this insight to: 

  • Help contain in-progress incidents and reduce damage.
  • Provide recommendations for long-term risk reduction.
  • Audit critical infrastructure to ensure that you have the lowest possible risk of exposure to a cyber attack. 

What Our Customers Are Saying

“As our full endpoint prevention stack, Morphisec Guard allowed our company to easily switch off from feeble NGAV and outsourced EDR to a more effective security solution that actually stops breaches at a much lower cost of ownership.”

Rick Klotz, CIO Altra Motion
“With Morphisec, we met our goal of securing our company against advanced attacks without adding staff resources, burdening security with false alerts or sacrificing performance.”
Security Officer NASDAQ-Listed Security Software Company
“As a media company, Lagardère Active is lean in IT and security resources, yet it is prone to advanced attacks. In Morphisec we found the prevention layer that mitigates advanced attacks without any effect on our team, which is key for us.”
Pierre-Olivier Sicamois, VP of IT Infrastructures and Services Lagardère Active
"Morphisec simplifies and automates prevention. It prevents advanced cyber attacks that would otherwise breach us, takes essentially no care and feeding and stays out of the way of my end users.”
Jeff Magnuson, Senior IT Architect Yaskawa Motoman
"Our first impression of Morphisec was that it was the most cutting edge prevention technology out there and really set a new bar in this space. It didn’t require us to step in with a lot of care and feeding by my team. It was truly set and forget, and the comforting part is that it worked. It stopped the things we were concerned about and helped greatly simplify our security approach and lower our costs.”
Brian Wagner, Senior Network Engineer Wilson County (NC) Schools
“Morphisec gives me the effectiveness against advanced cyber attacks and and risk to operations the operational simplicity that are imperatives to safeguarding our company and customers and running a lean, efficient enterprise.”
CISO Fortune 500 Manufacturing Company
"[Morphisec] just does its thing in the background. You see the reports and you see that it's done things you didn't even know about. There's not a lot of glitzy, flashy things that go on. It just does its job. It's very utilitarian and very quiet about being extremely effective."
Skip Rollins, CISO Freeman Health System
“Morphisec prevents unknown cyber attacks with zero time delay for discovery and detection.”
Richard Rushing, CISO Motorola
"Morphisec’s lightweight design was a perfect fit for our Horizon VDI infrastructure. Not only was Morphisec able to shut down a persistent attack and lock it down on the machine, but their technology helped us understand the deep detail behind the origin of attack, methods the adversary was using to infiltrate our network, which ultimately helped us remediate other areas outside our endpoint where the attack was getting in."
Russell Witte, Director of IT Citizens Medical Center
“We looked everywhere and the only product we found that provides advanced threat security, with no degradation of performance of our VDI and no impact on the user experience, was Morphisec.”
Security Officer Private Credit Card Company
“We were looking for a real simple to manage, zero performance impact, anti Exploit and anti Ransomware solution for our XenApp Enabled Webmail, following some concerning Ransomware attacks.”
Head of Security Taiwan/Hong Kong-Based Bank

"It's really fast and simple because Morphisec provides a full report. We can then jump in there and see exactly what process or script kicked off the alert. We can go directly to it to see if it's legitimate or not. Usually, now, it takes a few minutes."

Billy Sainz, IT Operations Manager Citizens Medical Center
"Morphisec Scout makes it simple for me to ID the highest priority vulnerabilities to reduce my attack surface." CIO Houston Eye Associates

Experiencing a Breach?

The Morphisec IR team is available on-demand to respond to your incidents. 


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