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Cloud Workload Protection Without Impacting Performance

  • Prevents zero-days, fileless threats, in-memory exploits, and evasive malware
  • Does not slow performance, interrupt operations, or consume costly cloud resources
  • Designed specifically for the unique risks that arise in cloud-based environments
  • Provides a mitigating control when patches not available
  • Unified dashboard provides a single pane of glass to monitor on-prem workstations and servers as well as cloud-based workloads
  • Protects seamlessly across public cloud, private cloud, virtualized and on-premises environments
  • Secures cloud workloads running on Windows and Linux servers
  • Certified by Amazon for AWS and Microsoft for Azure

With traditional security tools both ineffective and unsuitable for cloud workloads, many businesses use either end-user designed products for their workload protection or deploy without runtime protection at all, placing data and applications at risk. Fileless attacks that leverage vulnerabilities in whitelisted applications pose a particular danger. Morphisec protects cloud workloads by adding a dedicated memory defense layer that prevents fileless attacks from ever gaining a foothold — without slowing down operations.

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What the Market Is Saying

“I was amazed that we could roll out an entire new crucial defense layer that quickly and smoothly. I credit not just the ingenious simplicity of the software but also the high level of cooperation between my teams and Morphisec support and engineers.”  

CISO, Fortune 1000 Manufacturing Company

"Morphisec prevents advanced attacks that would otherwise breach us."

Jeff Magnuson, Senior IT Architect, Yaskawa Motoman

"In addition, exploit prevention and memory protection solutions can provide broad protection against attacks, without the overhead of traditional, signature-based antivirus solutions. They can also be used as mitigating controls when patches are not available. Another powerful memory protection approach used by some CWPP offerings is referred to as “moving target defense” — randomizing the OS kernel, libraries and applications so that each system differs in its memory layout to prevent memory-based attacks."

Gartner Market Guide for Cloud Workload Protection Platforms, Neil MacDonald, 14 April 2020, G00716192

Advanced Attack Protection for Your Linux & Windows Cloud-Based Workloads

Prevent Advanced Unknown Threats Against Linux and Windows Cloud Workloads

Prevent Advanced Unknown Threats Instantaneously

Prevents zero-days, fileless memory attacks, advanced evasive threats, and in-memory exploits with no need for knowledge of threat form, type, or behavior.

Set and Forget Cloud Workload Security

Set and Forget Cloud Workload Security

Quick and easy deployment, with near zero maintenance and no system conflicts preventing your cloud workloads from being protected.

Cut Security Operational Costs

Cut Operational Costs

Does not generate false alerts. No need to investigate, analyze, or remediate issues, saving staff time and allowing better security at lower cost.

Extremely Lightweight Cloud Workload Security Agent

Extremely Lightweight Agent

Light, stateless agent with 2 Mb footprint, no run-time components and zero performance impact on your cloud workloads.

Business Continuity for Your Cloud Workloads

Maintain Business Continuity

Minimizes organizational risk while preserving ongoing operations with no cloud workload interruptions for updates or scans.

Virtually Patch Vulnerabilities in Your Cloud Infrastructure

Virtually Patch Vulnerabilities

Keeps your cloud workload systems protected from vulnerability exploits when patches are not yet available or deployed.

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Morphisec reduces your organization’s risk exposure without affecting business productivity or creating work for your security team. Let our experts show you how it works.

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