Cybersecurity Tech Investment Planning: Use annual loss expectancy to build a business case
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Only Morphisec technology stopped the CCleaner supply chain attack that infected millions of computers with a malicious version of the popular application.

Protect Your Organization From Supply-Chain Attacks

Supply chain attacks exploit trusted relationships and they’re on the rise. Attackers insert malicious code into signed applications, hide drive-by-downloads on vendor sites, hijack mail servers to spread fileless attacks and leverage relationships and connected networks to penetrate your organization. It’s no longer enough to rely on whitelisting, antivirus or detection tools to keep your organization safe.

Morphisec’s innovative Moving Target Defense technology protects your organization from zero-days, fileless threats and highly sophisticated cyber attacks as well as stopping threats from moving laterally through your network. It ensures your company is secure from supply chain attacks and that you act as a secure partner in turn.


The increase in supply chain attacks last year

Mitigate Risk From Third-Party Sources

Prevents advanced threats and zero-days

Natively prevents zero-days, fileless memory attacks, malicious documents and browser-based threats at the moment of attack.

Stops lateral movement

Makes it impossible for attackers to find the resources they need to move outside the initial entry point.

Simple to deploy and manage

Deploys in minutes with near-zero maintenance and no false alerts; earliest prevention so no need to investigate or remediate.

Lightweight, with zero impact on operations

Tiny 2MB agent that does not slow performance, with no interruptions for updates or scans.

What Our Customers Are Saying

“With Morphisec, we met our goal of securing our company against advanced attacks without adding staff resources, burdening security with false alerts or sacrificing performance.”

Security Officer, NASDAQ-listed Security Software Company

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