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Significant threats face K-12 schools. Read more in the Morphisec 2021 Education Cyber Threat Index.

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Secure Your K-12 School So Students Can Learn Safely

K-12 school districts are a growing target of ransomware gangs and other cybercriminals. Their low tolerance for downtime and limited cybersecurity budgets combine to create a perfect storm of cyber risk. They need a solution that protects what can easily be tens of thousands of student, teacher, and staff endpoints without spending money on expensive and often ineffective endpoint detection and response solutions.

Morphisec's groundbreaking Moving Target Defense technology is the perfect fit for overburden K-12 school district IT teams. Built with lean security teams in mind, it stops threats instantaneously, pre-breach, and virtually patches vulnerabilities to keep endpoints protected when patches are not yet deployed.

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Percent of K-12 educators who say they have not been warned about the specific dangers of ransomware.

What Our Customers Are Saying

"The ROI of Morphisec is the ability to use resources to target other problems."

Skip Rollins, Chief Information Security Officer, Freeman Health

“With Morphisec, we met our goal of securing our company against advanced attacks without adding staff resources, burdening security with false alerts or sacrificing performance.” 

Security Officer, NASDAQ-listed Security Software Company

"Our first impression of Morphisec was that it was the most cutting edge prevention technology out there and really set a new bar in this space. It didn’t require us to step in with a lot of care and feeding by my team. It was truly set and forget, and the comforting part is that it worked. It stopped the things we were concerned about and helped greatly simplify our security approach and lower our costs.”

Brian Wagner, Senior Network Engineer, Wilson County (NC) Schools

Morphisec Secures K-12 Schools Without Invading Student Privacy

Block Advanced Attacks

Natively prevents ransomware, zero-days, advanced memory-based threats, malicious documents and browser-based attacks, before they execute.

Secure Without Disrupting Education

Tiny 2 Mb agent active only at load time, installs quickly, requires no management and has zero performance penalty. Educators can focus on students without worrying about how well their computer manages resources.

Protect Students Online and Off

K-12 students don't need to rely on internet connections to be secured with Morphisec' moving target defense-based protection solution.

Immediate Positive ROI

K-12 students don't need to rely on internet connections to be secured with Morphisec' moving target defense-based protection solution.

How Morphisec’s AMTD Works

Unlike other endpoint protection solutions which must first detect an attack in order to stop it, Morphisec prevents advanced attacks from executing by dismantling their delivery mechanisms and kill chain. Morphisec uses patented Moving Target Defense technology to morph the memory space layout so adversaries cannot find an entry point, or the resources required, to execute an attack. This real-time, one-way randomization prevents highly sophisticated attacks, including the most advanced exploits and fileless malware.

  • Morph & Conceal
  • Protect & Deceive
  • Prevent & Expose Attacks

As an application loads to the memory space, Morphisec morphs the process structures, making the memory constantly unpredictable to attackers.


Legitimate application code memory is dynamically updated to use the morphed resources; applications load and run as usual. A skeleton of the original structure is left as a trap.


Attacks target the original structure and fail as they cannot find the resources they expect and need. Attacks are immediately prevented, trapped and logged with full forensic details.

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Morphisec reduces your organization’s risk exposure without affecting business productivity or creating work for your security team. Let our experts show you how it works.

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