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Integrate Morphisec with Microsoft

See how Morphisec’s breach prevention and rich forensics integrate seamlessly with Defender for Endpoint.

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Better Together

  • Prevent known and unknown threats at the earliest stages with our patented Automated Moving Target Defense Technology
  • View blocked attacks directly in your Defender for Endpoint security console
  • Prioritize alerts in the Active Alerts list and determine machine risk score with Morphisec threat analytics

Plus all the benefits of Morphisec’s powerful breach prevention technology, including a simplified, continuous, and elegant alternative to runtime application control solutions.

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Want to know exactly how Morphisec closes the Microsoft Defender security gap?

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View the complete attack timeline and internal memory information



Morphisec Benefits for Defender for Endpoint Users

Gain Deeper Visibility into Advanced Threats

Gain Deeper Visibility

All the attacks Morphisec prevents are visualized directly in the Defender Security Center console, offering high fidelity threat intelligence.

Prevent Attacks Deterministically

Prevent Attacks Deterministically

Morphisec’s platform prevents breaches deterministically, without needing to detect a signature or conduct behavioral analysis. 

View Complete Attack Timeline

View Complete Attack Timeline

Morphisec’s prevention technology integrates the entire attack chain into the Defender Security Center. 

Prioritize Alerts

Prioritize Alerts

Morphisec forensics data used by Defender to prioritize alerts and determine machine risk score.

Protect vulnerabilities

Protect Vulnerabilities

Keeps your business protected from vulnerability exploits when patches are not yet available or deployed

Reduce Operational Costs

Cut Operational Costs

Morphisec does not generate false positives, reducing the need for manual intervention. 

See It In Action

Morphisec works with Microsoft Defender for Endpoint to reduce risk and provide deep visibility into organizational threats. Let our experts show you how it works.

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