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Learn how our customers implemented Morphisec for Windows Endpoints alongside Microsoft Defender AV for better protection at a lower cost.


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The Leading Breach Prevention Tool for Windows Machines

Morphisec for Windows Endpoints deterministically protects critical endpoints with the only proactive breach prevention solution on the market. Through fully leveraging native Windows security controls like Defender AV, Morphisec blocks file-based and fileless threats with the power of moving target defense. 

The Morphisec Security Center console provides enterprise-grade visibility into all file-based and fileless alerts blocked with Defender AV and Morphisec to create a single, integrated prevention stack with one agent and a unified dashboard. Morphisec paired with Defender AV provides protection against ransomware, file-based, and fileless threats and takes up less of your important cybersecurity budget than competing platforms.  


Percentage of attacks that Antivirus solutions miss

Full Visibility into Defender AV and Morphisec Events

No Added Cost

Morphisec plus Defender AV provides better protection against fileless and file-based threats without requiring more budget. 

Full Control Over Native Windows Security

Morphisec elevates Windows native security tools into a full enterprise protection suite, with centralized control over Defender AV, device control, and personal firewall. 

End-to-End Threat Visibility

Full enterprise visibility into threats blocked by Defender AV and Morphisec from the Morphisec Security Center.

Lightweight, with Zero Impact on Operations

Tiny 3MB agent that does not slow performance with no user interruptions for updates or scans.

What Our Customers Are Saying
"This year, for the first time, we were able to prevent our pentester from cracking into one of our endpoints. . . We also like the fact that Morphisec leverages a powerful signature-based tool like Microsoft Defender.”

Ryan Page, Cybersecurity Engineer, TruGreen

“Morphisec with Windows Defender Antivirus offers a truly set it and forget it solution. Morphisec’s lightweight design coupled with Windows Defender Antivirus provides strong endpoint security, the best value, and a simpler operational environment.”

Bill Salyers, IT Director, Towne Properties

"Morphisec simplifies and automates prevention. It prevents advanced attacks that would otherwise breach us, takes essentially no care and feeding and stays out of the way of my end users.”

Jeff Magnuson, Senior IT Architect, Yaskawa Motoman

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