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Protect On-Premise and Cloud Servers with Morphisec

Antivirus and EDR  tools were not designed to protect servers, and application controls are insufficient to secure against advanced attacks. According to Gartner's Cloud Workload Protection Platform (CWPP) recommendation, it is more essential for organizations to implement a zero trust run-time protection solution over AV/EDR to remove the risk of malicious code executing on servers that span across on-premise, virtual machines and containers.

Enter Morphisec for Windows Servers & Workloads. Secure your most critical assets, whether they run on-premise, cloud, or hybrid.

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What Our Customers Are Saying
“I was amazed at how easy Morphisec was to deploy and operationalize. Morphisec enables us to focus on critical patching initiatives around Windows, and covers the application-based vulnerabilities with Moving Target Defense.”

Keyur Desai, CIO, Essar Ports & Shipping, Head Infosecurity, Network & Communications, Essar

“Morphisec prevents unknown cyber attacks with zero time delay for discovery and detection.”

Richard Rushing, Chief Information Security Officer, Motorola

Future Proof Protection for All Your Servers


Prevent Advanced Unknown Threats Instantaneously

Prevents zero-days, ransomware, in-memory, and fileless attacks against Windows and Linux servers with no need for knowledge of threat form, type, or behavior.


Set and Forget Server Security

Quick and easy deployment, near zero maintenance and no system conflicts. 


Cut Operational Costs

Does not generate false alerts, no need to investigate, analyze or remediate. 


Extremely Lightweight

Light stateless agent with 2 Mb footprint, no run-time components and zero performance impact. 


Maintain Business Continuity

Minimizes organizational risk while preserving ongoing operations with no interruptions for updates or scans. 


Virtually Patch Vulnerabilities

Keeps your servers protected from vulnerability exploits when patches are not yet available or deployed. 

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Morphisec reduces your organization’s risk exposure without affecting business productivity or creating work for your security team. Let our experts show you how it works.

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