Recent CISO Panel: The Future of Cyber Is Automated Moving Target Defense
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Modern ransomware attacks are smarter, sneaker, and more targeted; more than 75% of companies infected by ransomware had up-to-date endpoint protection.

By the Time You Detect Ransomware It's Too Late

Today’s ransomware employs an arsenal of evasive techniques to remain undetected in your system until the time is ripe to hit. Attackers create new, unknown variants on the fly that sneak past next-gen antivirus and use fileless techniques that leave no indicators for behavior tracking tools to pick up. It lurks in your systems waiting for the optimal time to cause the most damage – by then extortion is underway and irreversible.

Morphisec's prevention solution stops ransomware strains before they even get a foothold. Automated Moving Target Defense technology doesn’t need prior knowledge and doesn’t wait for suspicious files, indicators or behaviors. It preemptively prevents ransomware before the payload is ever delivered.

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Ransomware Prevention

Amount ransomware cost businesses each year

Morphisec Prevents Ransomware Before Your Data Is Held Hostage

Stops ransomware attacks before they start

Prevents ransomware payload from ever being delivered. No IT resources wasted on restoring endpoints and files.

Prevents lateral movement

Stops ransomware attacks from spreading throughout your network.

Simple to deploy and manage

Deploys in minutes with near-zero maintenance; deterministic prevention means no false alerts and no need to investigate or remediate.

Lightweight, with zero impact on operations

Tiny 2MB agent that does not slow performance with no interruptions for updates or scans.

What Our Customers Are Saying

“We were looking for a real simple to manage, zero performance impact, anti Exploit and anti Ransomware solution for our XenApp Enabled Webmail, following some concerning Ransomware attacks.”

Head of Security, Taiwan/Hong Kong-based Bank

“Morphisec prevents unknown cyber attacks with zero time delay for discovery and detection.”

Richard Rushing, Chief Information Security Officer, Motorola

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