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Windows Defender has emerged as a full-fledged next-generation antivirus on par with any third-party solution. Yet as with any legacy antivirus, clear security gaps exist. Unknown threats, fileless attacks, evasive malware and other advanced threats can get past antivirus defenses.

The Morphisec-Defender AV integration strengthens Defender with Moving Target Defense advanced threat prevention for a far more powerful and resilient prevention posture. It also brings enterprise-wide visibility into Defender- generated alerts through the Morphisec Unified Console. With Morphisec and Defender AV together, you get bulletproof security, simplified operations and lower total cost of ownership.


Percentage of attacks that Antivirus solutions miss

Replace Legacy Antivirus with Morphisec and Windows Defender AV

No Added Cost

Enable free, embedded Defender AV and add Morphisec for a far more secure defense without increasing security spend.

Easiest to deploy and manage

Deploys in minutes with near-zero maintenance, no false alerts; earliest prevention so no need to investigate or remediate.

End-to-end threat visibility

Consolidates Defender AV threats into the Morphisec management dashboard for visibility across all alerts.

Lightweight, with zero impact on operations

Tiny 2MB agent that does not slow performance with no interruptions for updates or scans.

What Our Customers Are Saying
“Morphisec with Windows Defender Antivirus offers a truly set it and forget it solution. Morphisec’s lightweight design coupled with Windows Defender Antivirus provides strong endpoint security, the best value, and a simpler operational environment.”

Bill Salyers, IT Director, Towne Properties

"Morphisec simplifies and automates prevention. It prevents advanced attacks that would otherwise breach us, takes essentially no care and feeding and stays out of the way of my end users.”

Jeff Magnuson, Senior IT Architect, Yaskawa Motoman

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Morphisec reduces your organization’s risk exposure without affecting business productivity or creating work for your security team. Let our experts show you how it works.

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