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Automatically Harden Your Collaboration Applications

Collaboration applications like Zoom, Slack, WebEx, and other video conferencing and messaging applications have experienced a dramatic rise in use. As more people work from home and require the use of these applications, threat actors are now focused on exploiting vulnerabilities in these applications. 

Zoom, for example, added more users in the first quarter of 2020 than in all of 2019. All of these new users means an increased attack surface for the enterprise and a higher risk of social engineering and browser-based attacks. 

To prevent the remote code execution that's possible with a successful exploit against these apps, the Morphisec Unified Threat Prevention Platform:

  • Hardens collaboration apps automatically with our patented moving target defense technology. 
  • Locks down cyberattacks deterministically to secure remote endpoints without needing security team intervention. 
  • Integrates with Windows 10 Defender AV for advanced protection and full visibility across all threats.
  • Provides a virtual patch to protect against known CVEs and unknown zero days—before a patch is ever released or a vulnerability identified. 
  • Secures distributed endpoints against remote code execution by blocking attacks from ever gaining a foothold in the system. 
  • Protects against browser-based attacks so remote employees can securely access collaboration apps via their web browser.
  • Hardens desktop collaboration programs against cyberattacks that bypass traditional antivirus platforms. 

* Positive Technologies

Browser Based Apps

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Harden Collaboration Applications with Morphisec

Automatic Application Hardening

The Morphisec Unified Threat Prevention Platform automatically hardens remote applications against the worst cyberattacks without IT intervention.

Prevent Zero Day Attacks

Morphisec deterministically blocks zero day attacks in remote applications, even before they're discovered.

Protect Against Remote Code Execution

Morphisec secures remote applications against the kind of exploits that enable remote code execution on virtual and physical endpoints.

Security for Browsers and Applications

No matter where employees access their collaboration tools—in the browser or via a desktop application—Morphisec provides security against advanced evasive malware.

What Our Customers Are Saying

“Morphisec with Windows Defender Antivirus offers a truly set it and forget it solution. Morphisec’s lightweight design coupled with Windows Defender Antivirus provides strong endpoint security, the best value, and a simpler operational environment.”

Bill Salyers, IT Director, Towne Properties

"Morphisec simplifies and automates prevention. It prevents advanced attacks that would otherwise breach us, takes essentially no care and feeding and stays out of the way of my end users.”

Jeff Magnuson, Senior IT Architect, Yaskawa Motoman

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