Stop Ransomware Cold

Prevent ransomware in the initial exploit phase, before your data is held hostage.

Morphisec gives ransomware no chance to execute

Once your organization is hit with ransomware, options are few. It is "pay up” to receive the encryption key or suffer the consequences. Morphisec's Moving Target Defense stops attacks before any ransomware payload is delivered to your endpoints.

No exploit, no ransomware

Ransomware is a source of big business for cybercriminals and big headaches for the organizations it hits.   The best defense is to stop the initial exploit, before the ransomware payload can be delivered. Morphisec uses counter-deception techniques to continuously and persistently change the target surface, concealing vulnerabilities in applications and web browsers and trapping attempts at access, blocking even file-less attacks. No exploit, no ransomware.   SCHEDULE A DEMO TO LEARN MORE


Unlike other types of malware which may bide their time before causing damage, by the time you find ransomware, the encryption is underway and irreversible.   Both signature-based and behavior-based solutions have proven ineffective in protecting organizations from ransomware. Attackers can create new variants of their ransomware on the fly to defeat even next generation antivirus tools. Sophisticated evasion techniques can deceive behavior tracking tools. And now there are file-less ransomware variants, which inject malicious code into legitimate operating system services like Windows PowerShell. Without an actual malware file, there is no file to be scanned and detected. TALK TO OUR SECURITY EXPERTS TO LEARN MORE

What Our Customers Are Saying

Dan Hotels Logo

“The effectiveness of Morphisec’s endpoint protection is unequaled. This is the first security product I have ever seen that does its job as advertised and is literally an ‘Install & Forget’ solution.”

Yossi Gabay

VP of Information Technology at Dan Hotels

Lagardère Active Logo

“As a media company, Lagardère Active is lean in IT and security resources, yet it is prone to advanced attacks. In Morphisec we found the prevention layer that mitigates advanced attacks without any effect on our team, which is key for us.”

Pierre Olivier Sicamois

VP of IT Infrastructures and Services at Lagardère Active