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Continuous Assessment vs. Periodic Scans 

Many vulnerability management solutions use scanners, which can cause logging errors, system crashes, and user disruption. As such, most firms limit scans to monthly or quarterly events, offering only limited “snapshot” vulnerability visibility. Scanners may also lack accuracy, so you don’t always know exactly what’s in your inventory.  

  • Uniquely in the market, Morphisec Scout offers daily application vulnerability visibility in a single pane of glass 
  • Simplifies and improves application inventory management with accurate application reporting across client, server, and VDI endpoints for hundreds of third-party applications like Slack, Zoom, Python, and Docker 
  • Combats the challenges of infrequent scanning—especially on servers, which leaves organizations exposed to “invisible” risk  
  • Unlike scanners, Scout doesn’t disrupt users and adds no network load 

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Scout vulnerability list


Not all vulnerabilities matter equally. If an application is unused, its attack surface shrinks to near zero—and the risk of a successful exploit along with it. Conversely, a lower scoring CVSS vulnerability in an application your organization widely uses means a larger attack surface—and higher risk to you. Cut through the noise of too many signals for a clear patching priority to effectively reduce your risk. 

  • No businesses have the same risk profile. Scout surfaces the most important patches for your organization, so you don’t waste time on updates for rarely used applications 
  • Reduce your attack surface: identify and remove underutilized, out-of-policy, end-of-life, and suspicious applications 
  • All major web browsers covered, including Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge, Firefox, and Safari, as well as the infamous “unholy trinity” of applications from which a notably high number of vulnerabilities originate: Chrome, Acrobat Reader, and Java 

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Scout vulnerability list


Combine Morphisec Scout with Morphisec Guard for endpoints or Morphisec Keep for servers, for revolutionary Moving Target Defense technology that prevents advanced cyberattacks. Scout uses the same agent as Guard and Keep, offering rapid time to value in identifying vulnerabilities so you can patch them. 

  • Leverages the Morphisec Guard and Morphisec Keep agent to identify application usage 
  • No additional agents mean low memory resource consumption  
  • Integrated into the Morphisec Security Center dashboard 

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