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No, not at all. Isn’t that amazing! Just close your running applications, install Morphisec Protector™. That’s it, you are done! Your machine will be immediately protected and Protector, our prevention powerhouse, will conceal vulnerabilities in your applications, web browsers and OS’s and trap any attacks.


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Negligible, we like it slim and fast. The service is only briefly active during application load time. As a result, it has zero impact on performance. We want to keep your employees happy and productive. We secure their machines without disturbing their working environment. No updates, no reboots and no performance lags.

Morphisec provides rich contextual information about the attack from its beginning, including its origin, its behavior, its effect on your machine, whether it is a 0-day or correlates with an unpatched vulnerability.


Yes. You can contact us at and we will explain how to run our scanning service.

We currently conduct sophisticated research in two main areas:

  1. Zero-day attacks
  2. Process and OS internals


EMET and Morphisec address the same problem, preventing exploits. The similarities end there. Here’s a summary of their differences.

EMET – (Enhanced Mitigation Experience Toolkit) is a toolkit used for exploit prevention. It has several flaws, namely:

  1. Rules must be defined. EMET uses a set of explicit, predefined rules to prevent specific types of attacks (rule per set of attacks).
  2. Applications must be configured to work with it.
  3. EMET has compatibility issues with several applications as it blocks behaviors those applications require.
  4. It requires a large amount of RAM, the system must be rebooted to apply any changes and it significantly impacts performance.
  5. It does not provide forensic information on blocked attacks (*).
  6. It can be bypassed in Windows 7, 8 and 10 (**).

Morphisec takes a completely different approach:

  1. No rules to define
  2. No prior knowledge of the attack required – any access to non-morphed memory area is malicious by default
  3. Application agnostic – works with all applications
  4. Compatible with most existing security solutions
  5. No run-time components and no performance penalty
  6. Provides detailed forensic information that can be used by SIEMs or other security products
  7. Provides insight into the current security status of the organization
  8. Enterprise-grade security solution



EMET is not intended to deliver visibility into organizational security or management of security events; it stops attacks without providing details.  As a result, material insights are missing and organizations cannot form a holistic view. In comparison, Morphisec operates under the premise that an organization requires a continuous and lateral defense. Morphisec provides key attack forensic information such as timeline, organizational spread, user and application dimensions.


In addition to the complexity of configuration, management, and performance degradation, EMET can be bypassed by various methods. For example:


We do not change the operating system at all. We change how the application loads into the memory as it loads without affecting anything in the application.

ASRL is quite limited in its approach and fairly easy for attackers to handle.

At Morphisec, we view ASLR as the predecessor of a multi-variable, modern Moving Target Defense approach.

Morphisec Endpoint Security delivers protection that overcomes the limitations  of ASRL.  In addition, our solution offers a full management system, and is able to provide rich forensic information and intelligent classification and fingerprinting of attacks for actionable remediation directives.

Read more about ASLR in our factsheet: ASLR – What it is and what it isn’t.

Our technology can protect applications running on Windows XP. Please contact us at for additional information.

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“Morphisec keeps us two steps ahead of the attackers.
It transformed our threat protection performance without forcing us to transform our endpoints, operations, or processes.”

High-tech Manufacturing

at High-Tech Manufacturing Company

“Morphisec gives me the effectiveness against advanced attacks and the operational simplicity that are imperatives to safeguarding our company and customers and running a lean, efficient enterprise.”


at a Fortune 500 US Manufacturing Company

“I was amazed that we could roll out an entire new crucial defense layer that quickly and smoothly. I credit not just the ingenious simplicity of the software but also the high level of cooperation between my teams and Morphisec support and engineers.”


at a Fortune 500 US Manufacturing Company

“The effectiveness of Morphisec’s endpoint protection is unequaled. This is the first security product I have ever seen that does its job as advertised and is literally an ‘Install & Forget’ solution.”

Dan Hotels Logo
Yossi Gabay

VP of Information Technology at Dan Hotels

“As a media company, Lagardère Active is lean in IT and security resources, yet it is prone to advanced attacks. In Morphisec we found the prevention layer that mitigates advanced attacks without any effect on our team, which is key for us.”

Lagardère Active Logo
Pierre Olivier Sicamois

VP of IT Infrastructures and Services at Lagardère Active

“With Morphisec, we found a rare combination of powerful prevention and total compatibility with the Motoman working environment. In my experience, I have never seen a piece of enterprise security software that has been so easy and fast to deploy with practically zero configuration required and no effect on endpoint performance. We are very pleased with our decision to partner with Morphisec.”

askawa Motoman Robotics
Jeff Magnuson

I.T. Architect at Yaskawa America Inc., Motoman Robotics Division