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Learn how we provide free visibility into and control over Microsoft Defender AV. 


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As your organization’s trusted resource for I.T. and security, you must ensure that employees and endpoints are secure and comply with policies and standards, Morphisec Guard Lite provides the visibility you need to make sure your antivirus is on and running, and that your systems are up-to-date.
Gain immediate situational awareness with a complete view into your Windows endpoints
  • Easily control key settings and policies
  • Understand user patterns and identify opportunities for security training
  • Audit compliance with standards and demonstrate improvement in security over time
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Control Defender AV at an Enterprise Level

An inability to control your environment will leave you susceptible to attacks. Morphisec Guard Lite gives you the power to automatically adjust and control security settings in your environment in real-time.

  • Update your endpoints
  • Implement and enforce policies for your organization, from a central point of control
  • Detect weak security and immediately harden configurations, without leaving your desk.
Guard Lite Protectors

Free Centralized Management; Freedom from Worry

There are limitless antivirus options, but only Morphisec Guard Lite with Microsoft Defender AV will give you the complete visibility and control you need to manage your endpoints and keep them protected from threats for free. These free solutions will give you additional layers of security without impacting your budget.

  • Freedom from worrying how security is implemented and configured
  • Freedom from contracts, renewals, and price increases
  • Freedom to build your ideal security posture
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