Morphisec, the leading provider of Moving Target Defense for Endpoint Security, is looking to hire a student programmer to join our core development team at this exciting stage of our team’s growth.

We are looking for a programmer who is eager to learn about windows internals and help us build our infrastructure and forensics tools. You will be exposed to various levels of the OS workings and work hands on alongside our team of low-level and security experts.

This is an excellent gateway to the world of cyber security and our company, with an option to continue to a full-time position at the end of your academic studies.


  • Successfully finished at least 1 year in one of the computer sciences\engineering departments (Computer Science, Software Engineering, Computer Engineering, etc.).
  • Basic knowledge in scripting languages (python, powershell).
  • Familiarity with C\C++.
  • Fast learner, independent and innovative.


  • Computer Architecture course or prior relevant experience.
  • Familiarity with Assembly.
  • Familiarity with reverse engineering and debugging tools (IDA, WinDbg).


Please specify position number 1017.